Refund and Cancellation Policy


The policy covers all fees payable for services provided with Dharitri Infraventure Pvt. Ltd.’s registration and subscription.


Provide proper handling of CUSTOMER’s payments and to facilitate refunds and cancellation process. The process of refund and cancellation will allow the positive feelings about the company reducing the negative impact depending upon the notified time frame.

Terms & Conditions
  • 1. The allotment of Flats shall be entirely at the sole discretion of the company, i.e. M/s Dharitri Infraventure Pvt. Ltd.
  • 2. It is understood that the applicant has examined the plans, designs, specifications, area etc. of the unit which are tentative and agree that company may affect such variations and modifications therein as may be necessary or the company may deem fit and appropriate in the interest of the project or as may be required to be done by any competent Authority.
  • 3. The applicant/s agree/s that no claim monetary or otherwise will be in case of any change in the area and that the initial rate of booking of the unit will be applicable on the changed area in case of refund or demand.
  • 4. Price of Flats, once booked, shall be escalation free .However the company reserves the right to revise the Price list as its sole discretion.
  • 5. All statutory charges and other levies demanded or imposed by any competent authority shall be payable proportionately by the applicant form the date of registration as per demand raised by the company.
  • 6. The applicant shall pay as and when demanded, the maintenance charges /security Deposit for maintaining and up-keeping the project and various services therein as may be determined by the company or the maintenance agency appointed by the company for such purpose.
  • 7. The company shall allot Flats as its basic sale price calculated at the rate mentioned in the registration/application form. In addition to that the following shall be charged separately as per terms of allotment.
    • (a) Preferential Location Charges(PLC) as determined by the company.
    • (b) Additional charges (AC).
    • (c) Interest Free Maintenance security(IFMS) and Monthly Maintenance Charges(MMC).
  • 8. Registration amount shall be forfeited unless the allotment money is deposited within 30 days of the offer of allotment. In case the applicant does not accept the offer of allotment and applies to surrender the unit through a written request within the validity period of the offer i.e. 30 days the entire registration deposited by him/her/them shall be refunded without any interest/deduction.
  • 9. Subsequent to payment of registration money allotment(Provisional) shall be made in favour of applicant.
  • 10. Delayed payment after booking shall attract 18% penalty per annum The allotment automatically stand cancelled in case payments remain unpaid for provisional period for more than 45 days. In case of cancellation the company reserves the right to forfeit the amount deposited up to the extent of 25% of total cost of unit.
  • 11. Registration of the allotment of the cancelled unit shall be allowed till 30 days after the 15th day of two consecutive instalments remaining in arrears.
  • 12. The company at its sole discretion may allow the applicants(s) to Endorse/assign his/her/their allotment/payment in favour of some other person (s) nominated by him/her/them/for first/one time. However any further endorsement/Assignment shall attract Endorsement/Assignment charges as prevalent at that time.
  • 13. Applicants having NRI status being foreign national shall be solely responsible to comply with statutory formalities laid down in Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999 and/or any other statutory provisions governing the transaction which may inter-alia involve remittance of payments/considerations and acquisitions of immovable assets in India. In case any such permission is refused by any statutory obligations in this regard.
  • 14. Company as its sole discretion may appoint Agents/Dealers/Sales Organizers/Business Associates etc. to market the units being constructed in the project , but shall not be bound by any commitments made by them to the applicants except those communicated in writing through company’s official information mentioned in the company’s marketing materials.
  • 15. Possession of the unit shall be completed only after clearance of all dues/instalments.
  • 16. In case of any dispute(s) arising between the parties pertaining to or relating to this Registration Form, the only place of jurisdiction shall be Kolkata i.e. the courts and quasi-judicial authorities at Kolkata shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
  • 17. Terms and Conditions as mentioned above are merely indicative with a view to acquaint the Applicant and not exhaustive.
  • 18. In case of refund of the earnest money which was duly paid by intended purchaser for the purpose of booking of the upcoming project flats (Along with Car parking or without car parking /Unit, developer shall have every right to deduct @ 25% amount (Damarage Charges) of the earnest money to the intended purchaser after six month from the date of cancellation of the booking of residential flats, Bungalows (which is applicable on this case) by a cancellation application with the amount paid by the customer for Govt. Taxes & Levies which is also non-refundable.

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