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Payment Plan
Plan Amount in Rs(B.S.P) Payment Status
At the time of booking 10% of BSP
At the time of agreement 10% of BSP Completed 20% of total BSP
On Raft Casting 10% of BSP Completed 30% of total BSP
On casting Ground Floor Roof 10% of BSP Completed 40% of total BSP
On casting Second Floor Roof 10% of BSP Completed 50% of total BSP
On casting fourth Floor Roof 10% of BSP Completed 60% of total BSP
On casting sixth Floor Roof 10% of BSP Completed 70% of total BSP
On casting eight floor roof 10% of BSP Completed 80% of total BSP
On completion of Internal Plaster and external plaster 10% of BSP Completed 90% of total BSP
On completion of Flooring, Electrification and lift 10% of BSP Completed 100% of total BSP

* Service Tax 4.5% & Legal process Charges 1% is applicable of BSP

* At the time of 10% booking, we will provide a confirmation letter



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