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  • 4 Ways a Beautiful Lantern can Perk Up Your Living Space
  • April 24, 2019
  • by Admin | Apr, 2019 |
  • A bit of romance blended with a rustic charm- lanterns can bring you the best of both worlds. Sometimes, it’s all about the summery vibe. Lanterns can add an innate charisma to your living space. The versatile and dainty lanterns are more than mere home decor stuff. Rather, they are a sophisticated addition that adds to the personality.

    During my stint as an interior decorator in a residential property in Salt Lake, I have extensively used lanterns to dress up the interiors. Take cues from the ideas given below to deck up your space as well.

    Creating a Beach Vibe

    During the summers, you can easily create a beach vibe with the perfect lantern. A big yet lightweight & round lantern can instantly notch up a wonderful beach ambiance right inside your home. Get it placed in your bedroom. It will definitely eat up some space in the bedroom but will add a feminine grandeur to your space. To bring out the best, get your bedroom painted with a lighter colour palette. A lantern in such a setting will serve as a basic reading light as well as a fashion-forward piece to the room.

    Placing them in a Row

    If you have a porch or a balcony, you can make the best use of small lanterns. Simply line them up on the porch and it will instantly add eclectic masculinity in your space. Surround the lantern arrangement with fresh flowers for an added grandeur. You can also opt for a mismatch pairing for this piece of decor at your space. Today, it’s s no more a light source rather a significant decor element for the interior. Many people are also using it in their bathroom.

    Making It a Centrepiece

    Oversized lanterns can make an awesome centerpiece of your home. Adventurous shoppers often snatch away such pieces. They add up a lot of personality to any space. While planning the interiors of a 3 BHK residential apartment in Rajarhat, I emphasize the use of over-sized lanterns especially in a spacious nook of the living area. If you are living in an apartment or a bungalow, placing an oversized lantern at the foot of the staircase or near the front door can make a lot of difference.

    Playing with Mix & Match

    When you are not sure about your choice, the best way is to go for all. Opt for all the fun lanterns to adorn your funky living room and voila! You can easily notch up a subdued summery vibe with the best of different cultures. Mix and match are always special and you can use a variety of colors, patterns and a playful assortment of lanterns hanging from the ceiling or hanging out on a side table somewhere.

     Lanterns are great as a piece of decor. However, make sure that you are opting for the right one to decorate your place.

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