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  • Create a Dreamy Look in your Living Space! Light Up the Nooks
  • April 19, 2019
  • by Admin | Apr, 2019 |
  • Do you know light can work wonders when it comes to interior decoration? And, it won’t cost you a fortune. The subtlety of illumination can transform the aesthetics of your living space and lend it a visual elegance. One of the important aspects of light decoration is corner lighting.

    Lighting up the nooks or corners has not been quite popular in the past. But, with new trends coming to the scene, dressing up the darkest corners has become a norm. No matter, what’s the size of your apartment, light decoration can notch up an instant visual aura.

    If you are also planning to ramp up the darkest corners of your flat, here are some easy and effortless tips for you. Some of these ideas are inspired by my friends’ 3 BHK affordable apartment in one of Rajarhat’s gated community. Let these ideas serve as a design inspiration.

    Superb Pendant Lights

    Hung from the ceilings, pendant lights are a great way to light up the corners. For enhanced aesthetics, you can use mirrors to spread the light. For the functional corners like reading or eating nooks, pendant lights are simply great. A cluster of pendants in a corner adds up to its brightness and notch up a pensive ambiance. Pendants are available in multifarious shapes & styles. Instead of getting baffled, find out the perfect design for your very own nook.

    Magnificent Floor Lamps

    Floor lamps can help you provide a generous amount of light to the corners. For the big boost of light in the corners, go with lampshades that let you play with different bulbs and shades at the same time. Shop a perfect lampshade for a cosy nook. You can use it in the living room as well as in the bedrooms

    Exotic Table Lamps

    There’s nothing like adding light with a stylish table lamp! Not only is a table lamp wonderfully portable (should you want to relocate it), you can use its presence to add color and interest to your corner. For a visually soothing setting, opt for yellow or orange illumination as they go perfectly well in blue walls and white trim. Even a small bedside table lamp can make a big difference.

    Beautiful Wall Scones

    For the bedside table corners, wall sconces are an integral part of interiors decoration. They can illuminate your nooks and corners in a way you want. With adjustable fixtures, you can get the apt illumination with perfect balancing. Moreover, these lights are stylish and can instantly add pizzazz to space where it’s been placed. No wonder why wall scones are so favoured for spaces next to the bed or a couch.

    Last but not Least

     Decorating your living space can be really interesting and you can effortlessly achieve a pensive ambiance by doing the lighting right. Take inspiration from these awesome ideas and create a space like my friend has done in her apartment in Rajarhat.

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