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  • How to Deal With the Stress While Moving to Your New House
  • March 27, 2019
  • by Admin | Mar, 2019 |
  • If you think that purchasing a home brings in a lot of strain & anxiety, you probably don’t know how stressful is shifting to a new place. It’s indeed one of the most difficult things to do. Many people feel stressed out right from the time when the first box is packed. However, with professional packers & movers in the scene, things get somewhat sorted. Let’s find out how to keep things simple without worrying too much.

    1. Prepare a checklist

    There are initial days of excitement but don’t give in to it. To keep your stress at bay, you should start from the very beginning, and it starts from preparing a checklist. It helps you stay organized and saves you from last-minute glitches. Prepare a checklist of the things that you need to pack. This reduces your chance of skipping even the small and insignificant things. You can refer to this checklist while packing your boxes.

    2. Block your Dates

    The most stress-free way to tackle a lot of packing is planning it ahead. Block your dates and invest it in packing your stuff. Don’t bank entirely on the packers as it would result in last minute hassles. When my friend decided to shift to her new 2 BHK flat in a residential complex in New Town, she did the entire planning herself. Since her new flat was pretty close to her office, she wanted to shift there as early as possible. Quite obviously, she doesn’t have much time in her hand. To make things streamlined, she took day offs and executed the entire thing herself.

    3. Get Some Boxes

    Leaving the entire responsibility to the Packers would be utter stupidity. Certain things are better to be packed yourself. To start with it, accumulate a stack of newspapers and boxes. You would need those boxes for packing glass utensils, knick knacks and certain scraps that you can’t leave for the packers. Label each box, so that they can be identified later. Keep in mind that the packers are professionals and they might not be wary about the things with which you are strongly connected.

    4. Distribute the Task

    The best way to reduce the stress of packing is by outsourcing and delegating tasks. Seek help from your family members and distribute the tasks. It will reduce pressure on you and the entire process will be more streamlined.

    Last But Not the Least

    Keep in mind that planning ahead can help you manage everything in a stress-free manner. Don’t start out without a strategic plan. You might need to leave it halfway. Set deadlines and be methodical in your approach. And, once you are done, it’s time to seek professional assistance for moving the things. Also, ask them to help you assemble furniture in your new place before they leave.

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